What we are doing?


Please be aware that all clients attending appointments will need to follow these guidelines.

  • You must arrive wearing a face mask

  • Bring limited belongings to your appointment

  • Please bring your own water bottle if you require a drink (strongly recommended after a treatment)

  • Please follow social distancing before and after your treatment

  • Sanitise/wash hands on arrival and departure. (sanitiser is available)

Throughout the pandemic, I will be adhering to the guidelines issued by the government and relevant authorities regarding safe and hygienic practice and the use of any PPE.

I have carried out a full risk assessment in line with guidance from the health and safety executive in order to

  • Think about who could be at risk

  • Decide how likely it is that someone could be exposed

  • Identify what activity or situations may cause transmission of the virus

  • Act to remove the activity or situation or where not possible, control the risk.

Prior to a client visiting I will be monitoring my own health and ask that clients do the same. If you have covid-19, any symptoms or have been in contact with someone with either covid-19 or symptoms, your appointment will be deferred with no charge.

There is no waiting area available at The Sanctuary Room so I ask that you attend your appointment alone. I will be wearing PPE in respect of face covering and a visor as well as disposable aprons which will be changed between each client. My hands will be sanitised immediately before commencing any treatments. Gloves will be worn for any vulnerable clients treatment and can be worn at any time upon request of any client. As well as this, the room will be thoroughly cleaned and ventilated between clients. Where possible during your treatment, I will leave windows to the treatment room open to aid ventilation (the heating will be on!)

All clients must wear a face mask throughout their visit.

During the pandemic I have made the decision not to include any massage on the face.

Please note, that while treatments involve close contact, I will be observing social distancing measures where possible, for example upon your arrival and during your consultation.