Swedish Massage

Swedish Massage

The massage treatment I use is Swedish massage and can be adapted to each clients needs from a gentle and relaxing massage to a firmer and deeper treatment to aid the relief of muscle tension.

My aim is to provide a relaxing and calming experience in a comfortable, homely environment where clients can leave their stresses, worries and concerns behind and come to The Sanctuary Room for some time for themselves, treating their body and mind.

Stress Relief

Stress affects us all time and again, and is manifested in a multitude of ways. Stress can cause headaches, stomach upsets, fatigues, tensions and many more symptoms. Releasing stress is one of the most popular reasons for people to seek massage. There has been lots of scientific studies done, which show that those who receive massage therapy have lower stress levels and can handle stressful situations more effectively. A massage experience can enhance the heart rate, relax muscles and lower the blood pressure while releasing endorphins in the body, leaving you feeling amazing. Swedish massage is one way people can relieve stress in their lives


Relaxation and stress relief go hand in hand, and both are a commonly known benefit of massage. Mayhem at home, tight deadlines at work, long meetings, commuting are all things that can complicate your ability to relax. The majority of these stresses, cause tension, which Swedish Massage can ease, providing you with overall physical relaxation which in turn can lead to mental and emotional relaxation.

Increased Circulation

The movements used in Swedish Massage are similar to the way the body moves blood. Due to this, Swedish Massage helps promote healthy circulation and increased blood flow along with helping the body to remove metabolic waste more quickly and effectively. Pulling and squeezing techniques also release lactic acid from the muscles. Increased circulation not only helps you feel better, but also improves your overall health as increased circulation and blood flow mean your bodies organs can work more effectively.

Pain Relief

Another benefit of Swedish Massage. As the muscles in your body are relaxed with blood flow increased, the body is put at ease and pain is relieved. Swedish massage can help to ease pain resulting from an injury or muscle tension, but it can also be used to aid the relief of chronic pain that comes with a number of illnesses and conditions such as fibromyalgia and arthritis. Decreasing pain helps you relax which improves your overall health and recovery.